A three day ROPE dedicated weekend experience

Featuring 4 Rope Masters

February 27, 28 & March 1, 2009

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Crucible members Single - $150

Couple - $250

Non members Single - $200

Couple - $300

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Our schedule (subject to minor changes)

Friday, February 27th

4:00pm Registration Opens
5:30pm-7:00pm Meet & Greet Happy Hour
7:00pm-8:30pm Opening Panel Session
8:30pm-11:00pm Open Play for Event Guests only

Saturday, February 28th

9:30am-10:00am Continental Breakfast
10:00am-11:30am Classes (3 classes)
11:45am-1:15pm Classes (3 classes)
1:15am -2:15pm Lunch
2:30pm-4:00pm Classes (3 classes)
4:00pm-4:30pm Snack
4:30pm-6:00pm Classes (3 classes)
6:00pm-7:30pm Dinner hour(not provided by the Crucible)
7:30pm-2:00am Open Play for Event Guests
9:00pm-2:00am Open Play for ALL

Sunday, March 1st

9:30am-10:00am Continental Breakfast
10:00am-11:30am Classes (3 classes)
11:45am-1:15pm Classes (3 classes)
1:15am -2:15pm Lunch
2:30pm-4:00pm Classes (3 classes)
4:00pm-9:00pm After-Glow Party for Event Guests

Lew Rubens ~ Web Site

Experienced rigger and suspension artist, Lew Rubens has a love and passion of bondage that shows in his work.

Known mostly for his wild suspensions, Lew joined the public side of BDSM play spring of 2001 and started his website: BoundNDetermined.com, a year later with his business partner at the time, Maria Shadoes. Then Kink.com made him an offer he couldn't resist and he began running Waterbondage for them from winter 2006, through spring 2008. At that time moving into a "Bondage Consultant" position for the prestigious company.

Lew has presented his workshops and demos of his unique style at many BDSM and bondage industry events throughout the US, Canada, Jamaica and Germany.

On his own again now, Lew has plans to revive Boundndetermined.com and well as starting exciting new sites LewRubens.com and Lewbari.com. as well as contracting his Bondage Consulting knowledge abroad.

See what Lews new PR guy wrote up HERE

Lew has promised to return this year to Camp Crucible!

Class Descriptions

Beginning & Intermediate Rope Bondage Suspension Workshops

This class will be a refresher of techniques taught here last year as well as teaching of basic rope bondage skills for beginning suspension enthusiasts. For those who attended last years beginning suspension classes, we will help you take the next step towards more advanced techniques to make your bottom fly. We wont make anyone experts here but hopefully everyone will know by the end of this class if they want to spend the time and energy to pursue this exciting form of BDSM edgeplay. Everyone attending this class MUST have attended ALL previous classes, as a basic level of rope handling ability is a must so that the class can progress without going back to the basics. This class is NOT for beginners as Lew takes teaching rope bondage suspension seriously.

The Classics workshop

Learn why the classis ARE the classics. From the most basic spread-eagle positions to the Hogtie, the Frog tie, the Balltie and many more. Step up your skills in the intermediate "hands on" rope bondage class. Bring rope if you have it. If not rope will be provided.

Advanced Rope Bondage Suspension workshop

Time to step it up for those enthusiasts who really want to go for it in their suspension learning curve. We hope by now to teach the serious bondage lovers to create any position they can imagine. ALL previous classes are a must, unless okayed by Lew. This IS edgeplay folks and one of the classes Lew takes seriously.Scening with Suspension workshop

Many people believe that suspension in and of itself IS a scene and for many it is. For some doing a heavy BDSM scene combined with suspension can be sensory overload. But for those looking for more (and we know you are out there!) join Lew for fun and exciting ways to combine impact play and various mean things to do to your greedy bottom while they are flying helplessly. Please have attended ALL previous classes.

Predicament Bondage workshop

Bondage all by itself can be quite a predicament if left on long enough. Learn to make your bottom struggle exquisitely from one discomfort to another, never being able to rest completely. Join Lew for a few creative and imaginative ideas for making these predicaments even more interesting. As usual, bring rope if you have it or it will be provided for you for this fun filled "hands on" workshop.

Scening with Suspension workshop

Many people believe that suspension in and of itself IS a scene and
for many it is. For some doing a heavy BDSM scene combined with
suspension can be sensory overload. But for those looking for more
(and we know you are out there!) join Lew for fun and exciting ways to
combine impact play and various mean things to do to your greedy
bottom while they are flying helplessly.

Please have attended ALL previous classes.

Maria Shadoes ~ Web Site

If I have to label myself I'd say I'm a switch with a sexual lean towards the bottom and a creative lean towards the Top.

Several years of playing both Top and bottom roles for hundreds of internet sites and movies plus traveling around teaching with Lew Rubens for about 5 years, and now for a few years on my own has given me a lot of experience and hours on both sides of the rope. I am now very proficient at my own unique bondage techniques and most 'western' bondage from beginning rope handling to suspension and predicament bondage.

I didn't want to be a clone of Lew so I strained my brain to the max and developed a very unique style of bondage that I call 'Endless Bondage'. The name reflects the fact that there are no rope ends. I use loops of ropes with a variety of simple or elaborate knots where ends would normally be. I use this style 95% of the time in my own play but I still teach the more traditional bondage with rope ends. It is now May 2008 and I've finally decided to start teaching "Endless Bondage" to those who want to learn a new, unique style. I expect to start making some how-to videos very soon.

Class Descriptions

Intro to 'Endless Bondage' or Intro to Bondage

In this class I will give out pieces of my own 'pre-worked' rope for use and show you how to quickly turn your regular bondage rope into temporary "Endless" rope.  We will then use that rope to cover the basics of bondage with the twist of it all being done 'Endlessly'.  This is a class for EVERYONE!  Whether you are a seasoned rigger or have never held rope before you will learn a lot and this 'intro to endless' will give you a basis for the later, more specialized and advanced classes where the Endless rope is used for ties you may be familiar with but with the necessary adaptations of working with a rope with no ends.  We'll also touch on the basics of necessary bondage safety.  In this class you will use 'Endless Ropes' to tie basic parallel limbs, crossed limbs and single limb ties. I know that 'intro' classes are generally thought of as repetitive and boring - I like to think (and have been assured) that my classes are never boring! Attendees who are more advanced riggers with an aptitude for 'endless' can experiment with the techniques a bit while the beginners are starting from scratch.

Bondage IS the Scene

It takes too long! I wanna PLAY.

Remove the mystery of what it is your partner wants when he/she says: "I just want to be tied".

If you feel that bondage 'takes too long' but your partner really wants it, then this is the class for you. I'll show you 3 ties that are all done in under 5 minutes and will give your partner what they seek. The tight, inescapable feel of ropes. Whether they are into comfortable, long term bondage or more painful, short time bondage these ties will work. Between ties I'll try to remove the mystery of exactly what it is that most bondage bottoms want and give you some things to try. One of them will usually be the button your partner has been hoping you would find and push. All skill levels are welcome in this class. I used to be one of those bottoms who was telling my boyfriend that I just wanted to be tied and he, being a bullwhip guy, just didn't get it. Let me save you some years of frustration whether you are a lone bottom looking for a rope partner or a Top seeking to understand a foreign mindset. Bondage CAN be quite sensual or sadistic AS it's being done to more match your idea of a 'scene' and I'll show you some examples of that while I'm showing you the ties. This class, like most, will be fun and hands-on so bring your rope if you have any - use mine if you don't.

Bondage for Sex!!! ~ Geared mainly for either M/f or a Male bottom receiving anally

This is my favorite class! Generally I'll try to find a willing female who will let me put her in these sexually suggestive positions and 'demonstrate' how the positions are best worked and the slight modifications and techniques that make them special. Volunteers? The WAY that you handle the ropes can create a romantic scene - or a disciplinary scene - in this class we'll concentrate on the former. Most people think of having sex with their partner tied up and they usually think of the spread eagle bed tie. It's a winner but there are a few problems with it (what if you have no bed posts?, the tightly pulled limbs align the hips all wrong for penetration...) and the same thing over and over begs for some variety. I'll teach you how to overcome the bed tie problems and how to make that position oh-so-much-better with just two more quick ropes. I have some other great positions that you don't have to be a yoga master to use, although it seldom hurts if you ARE! Wrist to Ankle, Frog-Ties and more. I also have a couple of rope tricks that will amaze you and create sensations that I guarantee your bottoms haven't felt before. I'll also show you how to tie the Hitachi Magic Wand into place. If you don't know what a Hitachi Magic Wand is - you NEED this class! This is a highly interactive class, although without actual intercourse happening. I do expect participation and will nag a bit if you just come to watch - beware!

Advanced Techniques & 'Pretty Bondage'

So you can do serviceable bondage but it annoys you that it's ugly? Or you've seen some beautiful weaves and things that you'd like to incorporate into your own bondage art - and bondage IS art!!! I can help with that! One of the reasons I developed 'Endless Bondage' was because I hated ugly rope ends hanging where you didn't want them. Now, I mostly have pretty, intricate knots there instead. There are times when I mix in regular ropes to do a weave in places just to beautify the bondage and weaving itself is a beautiful form of bondage. I often make my outfits of out of rope - granted they are simple, panties, corsets and accessories, but beautiful. Mostly here though I will teach you where to start your ties so that the pretty side is outwards and what to do when you have a few feet of 'spare' rope. The big bonus in this class is that I'll teach you my hair tie. Lew Rubens (with me as the guinea pig) invented the hair tie and I've modified it to work a bit better for me - there is nothing as beautiful and immobilizing as when a bottoms hair is tied up or back and he/she can no longer use their head. You'd be surprised at how much motion that simple addition eliminates and nothing else makes the bottom feel more helpless I don't think.

The Tips and Tricks Workshop

In my thousands of hours in and handling rope I've picked up some great tips and tricks. Everywhere I go people are eager to share with me the things they've learned and I'm equally eager to spread that knowledge around. The more knowledgable riggers in the world the better! In this I'll happily pass on such things as the hair tie, the nipple tie, the clit tie, the best way to remove glue resin after a duct tape scene or, better yet, PREVENT that glue resin from being on the skin in the first place. I'll cover the best ways to wash and dry and tie up your ropes as well as which ropes can be dyed and how to do it. I'll tell you how to prevent rope burns and deal with one if it does happen. How do I stay limber? What can you do to stay in the ties longer or get your bottoms elbows to touch? I'll tell you! I have some rigging shortcuts I've learned and a few ways to help keep your bondage inescapable. In short, if it has to do with advanced rope, rigging or being tied and it's a Tip or Trick that I know I'll share. Everyone present will be encouraged to share their own Tip or Trick as well so if you have one or more please come and share! I pass on the names of where I get these Tips and Tricks so your name can travel the world with me like Juliet Heart's Ooooh Hooo rope warm up that she taught to me when I was first getting tied.

Jay Wiseman ~ Web Site

Jay has over 35 years of experience in BDSM and was one of the early pioneers and builders of the BDSM community in the San Francisco area.  He continues to be heavily involved, both in his local area and nationally, as an SM author, educator, mentor, workshop leader, video producer, expert witness, and activist.  Noted for being both an exceptionally knowledgeable and highly entertaining presenter, he is very much in demand and has presented on various aspects of relationships and sexuality in more than 50 cities in the United States and Canada.  In 2007, Black Rose presented him with the Vaughn Keith National Educator Award. 

Jay is the author of the frequently recommended book "SM 101: A Realistic Introduction" and the founder of the publishing company that later became Greenery Press.  His book, "Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook" is widely hailed as the book that sets the standard of fundamental knowledge for this practice.  His instructional videos on rope bondage are excellent resources for both beginners and experienced bondage practitioners.  His most recent book, “The Toybag Guide to Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies” provides crucial information to both players and dungeon monitors.  He is currently working on a number of books and videos.  

Jay holds a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is a member of Mensa, and lived in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district during the Sixties.  A former ambulance crewman with years of experience, and recipient of the highest Red Cross commendation for emergency action, Jay now teaches classes in basic and advanced emergency medical care for BDSM clubs and other groups.  After receiving his law degree in 2005 and passing the bar exam in 2006, he sometimes works as a part-time law school professor.  His areas of special legal interest include providing legal support for alternative communities, teaching bar exam preparation, search and seizure law, and conflict resolution. 

His website is, predictably, www.jaywiseman.com

Class Descriptions

Rope Bondage You Can Actually Use

Do you want to tie up your lover but aren't sure how to go about it? Have you ever attended a bondage demonstration of spectacular techniques but returned home with no idea of how to tie them yourself?

Come spend some entertaining and educational time with one of the world's top BDSM educators, the author of "Jay Wiseman's Erotic bondage Handbook" published by Greenery Press, and the producer of the excellent video "Jay Wiseman Teaches Basic Rope Bondage" to learn some simple, easy to learn, and widely usable bondage techniques.

Jay travels throughout the country teaching bondage techniques ranging from the very basic to the very advanced. In this session, he will present the who, what, where, when, and why of rope bondage, followed by a demonstration and practice session of some user-friendly yet wickedly effective techniques from his highly recommended book for tying single-limb cuffs, double-limb cuffs, spread-eagles, hogties, and arm harnesses -- and you will be able to both remember and use these techniques when you get home!

Arm Harnesses for Every Body

Rope bondage enthusiasts come in all sizes and shapes - but body size, repetitive stress injuries, muscularity, handicaps, and other issues can prevent many people from enjoying traditional bondage positions. In this program, Jay Wiseman, author of "Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook" published by Greenery Press, will discuss and demonstrate effective, easy to learn, methods of using rope to immobilize the arms of almost anyone.

Rough Rope: Bondage, Erotic Torture, and Predicament all in one!

Soft smooth ropes are very popular for bondage, but some people -- perverts that they are! -- actually prefer to bind or be bound with harder, rougher ropes. You're invited to join bondage guru Jay Wiseman for an educational and entertaining exploration of the rougher edge of bondage.

Jay will discuss and demonstrate the theory, practice, and special challenges of using relatively rough ropes for bondage. Depending on which ropes are chosen and how they are applied, the resulting experience can range from merely attention-getting to very intense. He will cover ropes whose abrasiveness ranges from mild to harsh, and will compare the risks and benefits of using several different natural or synthetic fibers.

Thin Cord Nasty Bondage

Many bondage experts recommend using rope that ranges from one quarter of an inch to three-eighths of an inch in thickness, and for general use such thickness is just fine.

Jay will discuss and demonstrate the perils and pleasures of using especially thin rope for bondage. Such rope, particularly especially prepared parachute cord, "clings" to the skin in a unique way, offering special opportunities for security, sensation, and predicament. Jay will also discuss the myths and realities of assessing tightness (there are many such myths out there), how to prepare and care for ropes used for thin cord bondage, and other aspects of this playfully wicked form of bondage.

One Minute Bondage

"Doing all that tying takes too long!" is a common lament of BDSMers. Join Jay Wiseman, one of the nation's leading experts in rope bondage, to learn how to accomplish almost any bondage effect you want by using techniques that take less than one minute to apply. If you have them, bring along lengths of rope approximately 6 feet, 12 feet, 18 feet, and 24 feet long so you can practice the techniques.

Dov ~ Web Site

Dov is a NYC based artist, photographer, sculptor, educator; Japanese rope bondage and single tail whip fanatic, computer geek and just has way too many hobbies. He has been in the NYC scene for about 8 years, and served 4 years on the TES board and was TES’s webmaster for 7 years and was also a founding member of TEC at TES

He has been involved for years both politically and artistically, creating works at Burning Man and other venues. His work varies from installations to performance art, both vanilla and fetish. Most recently his work was featured at Diesel Denim Gallery in SoHo NYC, where he created a Shibari rope window to highlight a photo series of their jeans by Japanese erotic photographer Araki. And was an expert witness on behalf of TES in the Barbra Nitke V. Ashcroft lawsuit against the DCMA.

As an educator he has given numerous presentations and classes on everything from rope bondage and Japanese rope bondage to canes and whips at TES , Bondage SIG at TES, GMSMA, Black Rose, Shibaricon, Leather Leadership Conference 7 in Boston, The Tannery (Philly), Passional (Phily), TES2000, Purple Passion, Silk at Bard College, Conversio Virium at Columbia, and WHAP at NYU.

As a Top/Dom and equal opportunity sadist, his areas of interest in BDSM and fetish and kink in general are a bit broad and include, but are not limited to: flogging, single tails, rope corsets and rope bondage in both Western and Japanese Styles, pony play, objectification, humiliation, knives, fire play, impact play (punching slapping etc.), pressure points, breath play, water sports. And that’s just the short list. He’s been tying things up since he was 5 and just keeps buying more rope for nefarious purposes and to feed his passion for rope bondage

Class Descriptions

Basic Rope Bondage Workshop

This is a hands on workshop where we will cover rope bondage basics such as one column and two column ties. Some prior experience with bondage basics is helpful but not required. We encourage you to bring a partner and some rope.

Japanese Bondage Fundamentals

This is a basic class for anyone just starting out. we will be covering the various fundamental Japanese bondage forms, takate kote (chest tie), shinju, karada ebi , gyaku ebi (Japanese hogtie) one column, 2 column ties.

Bondage for punishment and pain

Who said rope had to be all about being nice and sensual? This class focuses on nasty things you can do with rope to punish and manipulate your subject. Various prisoner style ties and endurance positions will be explored - as well as positions designed to hold your subject in place so they don't go anywhere as you administer their just rewards. show up ready to tie / with bottom/ with rope

Intermediate Level Skill-building Workshop in Japanese Style Bondage of Various Classic Shibari/Kinbaku Forms and Elaborations

This hands-on course will assume some pre-existing skills in Japanese style tying; all participants are encouraged to acquaint themselves with one of the many on-line resources for basic Japanese bondage practice. Bring a partner or friend to tie up and 8 or more sections of rope (15 to 35 feet) in a natural fiber (hemp, jute or cotton) or whatever rope is in your favorite rope bag.

Hogties Workshop

Basic and complex hogties. Working with western and Japanese style hogties and how to extend and adapt them. Learn how to make them more effective and work with the subject's flexibility or inflexibility. Requisite Skills: how to tie knots and basic hogtie Level: Intermediate Presentation Type: Hands-On

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