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Brick Wall 2
Medical Area
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Game night


We are:

A 501(c)7 Members Only, non-profit, PRIVATE SOCIAL CLUB

Get on our announce list (link) to be kept apprised.


Upcoming Special Events of note

July 13th


A new monthly 18+ event at The Crucible centered around people of color. Open Play @ 9:00 pm $20 for members, $$30 for guests. Fetlife LINK

July 21st

Queer Party

July 29th

Crossdresser Academy

August 19th

Hook Suspensions

September 15th LF&P36

Our monthly calendar for all other events



Welcome to The Crucible, Washington DC's Only Alternate Lifestyles/BDSM Private Club


412 V Street, NorthEAST, DC

Online memberships available after reading the membership page HERE

We have a 100% ID check at the door when you enter

"The Crucible is dedicated to providing a safe gathering space for all of our members and their guests. In an effort to provide our community with the safest space possible, beginning March 1, 2018, The Crucible application process for all new memberships and all membership renewals will include an ID search of the public US Department of Justice and the DC Metropolitan Police Department registered sex offenders database. Additionally, all non-member guests requesting admission to events at The Crucible must present a valid government-issued photo ID which includes date of birth, and guest entries will be checked against these databases as well.

Should you be unable to present current, valid ID, you will not be granted access to The Crucible. No exceptions will be made in this regard. Anyone who is registered on these databases will be denied membership and/or entry to The Crucible.

We appreciate your patience as we add this important step to our membership and admission process."
February 4, 2018


Operating hours generally are 9 PM - 2 AM

(But check the calendar to make sure)





Brick Wall
Medical Area
The Bar
Games too