Crucible Rules

What you need to know and adhere to to become a Crucible member, and play in our club.

Phone Rules ~ IMPORTANT

No cell phones, cameras or recording devices of any sort are allowed in the main club area, including any type of smart phone, ipad, tablets of any brand. Cell phones may be used in the lobby area only. With the latest technology, it’s just a matter of a few seconds and one or two clicks on these devices to take and post videos and pictures to social media websites. We take our and your privacy very seriously. Please remember to not pull out your phone to text anybody, or check your calendar, or email, or… anything. Please understand when we ask you to immediately put away said item if you’ve forgotten this policy.

Play Space Rules

The Crucible supports both Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) ethos in regards to all BDSM play. Anyone who chooses to participate in activities at The Crucible recognizes that there are risks that people choose to do in scenes. Each member must evaluate their own risk level. by learning – ask questions; ask a dungeon monitor seriously evaluate your own tolerance for risk with your partner

Members are expected to follow all Crucible rules. The Crucible reserves the right to remove any person, without refund, who violates the Crucible rules.

1. Crucible staff and all Dungeon Monitors must be obeyed. If someone who is unaware of scene etiquette or who is violating the rules, please notify a Crucible staff member.

2. Any play or scene that could be considered high risk must be approved by a Crucible staff member prior to starting the scene. Any high risk scene that does not receive prior approval is subject to be stopped.

3. Normal BDSM scene etiquette is required. Do not interfere with a scene. Do not touch anyone or anyone’s gear without permission. When in doubt, ask.

4. The house safeword is RED for stop, and YELLOW for caution.

“SAFEWORD” spoken loudly by ANYONE in or near a scene is acknowledged as a request for immediate outside attention. A Crucible staff member or Dungeon Monitor will intervene in a scene if s/he hears the word SAFEWORD and the scene is not stopped.

5. No cell phones, cameras or recording devices of any sort are allowed in the main club area. Cell phones may be used in the lobby area only. (see below)

6. Cleaning supplies are available throughout the Dungeon. All equipment should be cleaned after use. Chux or stretcher sheets to cover equipment, couches or protect floor are available.

7. Medical or blood play is permitted in the medical play area only. Medical play, piercing, cuttings, needle play or other types of play intending to open the skin or cause blood are permitted only in the medical play area.

8. Neither The Crucible nor any agents, successors or assigns of any of the foregoing shall be liable to any attendee for injury to person or property incurred as a result of attendance at this event.

Photography & Recording Device Policy

With the proliferation of electronic devices that can take and transmit digital photos, we have to be more aware and diligent in our efforts to ensure your privacy.
The Crucible’s photography policy will not change.

It remains: “No unauthorized photography”

Cell phones are disallowed in any other part of the club except the entry room and we ask you to keep any device that can be used to record a digital picture tucked away out of site. Use of cell phones will be kept to the outside of the building (better signal anyway). For those of you who are required to have your phone on you, you will be asked to set the things to vibrate only, and move to the exterior of the building to answer your calls.

Anyone caught taking unauthorized pictures will have their “device” confiscated, and will be escorted from the building. Said “device” will then be subjected to the Crucible’s “Stress Test”, a highly complicated procedure involving brute force, and a 10 lb sledgehammer. Remains will be returned.

Persons found to have transmitted or used an unauthorized image taken at the Crucible will have their membership cancelled, and be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law.

We basically trust you to be responsible, but we keep the “Stress Test”* in the closet to ensure your compliance. Pictures are taken in the Crucible all the time BY BY THE MANAGER ON DUTY. One has but to ask, we will make sure ONLY willing subjects are in the shots, and that no unaware subjects are in the background. At that time, THE MANAGER ON DUTY will be happy to take your picture WITH YOUR DEVICE ONLY. Permission is given when the time and circumstances warrant. THIS IS NOT PERMISSION TO SNAP AWAY ON YOUR OWN.

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