Dungeon 101

Introduction to the Dungeon

Curious? Willing and able to explore your desires, but don’t know where to start?

Start here.

The Black Rose and The Crucible have two programs to help you find your way into the BDSM community.

GATEWAY ~ A Black Rose monthly meeting on the first Thursday of each month

Held at The Crucible – 412 V Street NE, Washington DC

Gateway is a special Black Rose meeting intended for individuals (18 and older) who are either new to BDSM or new to BR. Gateway is designed to facilitate getting your questions answered. A typical Gateway meeting has 20 – 40 participants from diverse backgrounds. Gateway is held the Thursday before Dungeon 101, which usually means the first Thursday of the month. The meeting is an informal discussion and there is nothing you have to bring. Casual or business attire is more appropriate than scene wear.  Tickets are only sold at the door. It costs $5 to attend. Anyone under 21 will be admitted free — just be sure to point it out to the person at the door before they ring you up.

Please check the calendar of events for the date of the next Gateway meeting.

Gateway is hosted by Black Rose, which is a separate organization from The Crucible. For more information on Gateway, please visit https://br.org/br/gateway/ or email gateway@br.org.

DUNGEON 101 ~ The Crucible’s monthly intro on the first Friday of each month. Held at The Crucible 412 V St., NE DC

Dungeon 101 serves as an introduction to public BDSM play. If you have never attended a public BDSM play event, it can be a bit daunting. The Dungeon 101 class is specifically designed to make you feel comfortable at your first public BDSM dungeon event. Attendees and presenters come from a diverse cross section of the community, all orientations, genders and kinks are welcome. You are welcome to come alone, bring a friend or bring a bunch of friends.

Dress in whatever makes you comfortable but please respect the neighborhood and cover up outside of The Crucible; there is space to change inside if you wish.

This meeting is considered “outreach”, and as such is one of the very few events that does NOT require membership to attend.

Memberships are not required for Dungeon 101 as it is an outreach event for the club to the wider community.

When is Dungeon 101 held?
Dungeon 101 is usually held on the first Friday of the month. Occasionally, a holiday or other event will require it to move to the second Friday, so always check the calendar to be sure!
How much does Dungeon 101 cost?
Dungeon 101 operates on our standard pricing structure: $25 for Crucible members, $35 for non-members. Gateway attendees receive a coupon for discount admission to Dungeon 101.

What time does Dungeon 101 start?
The Dungeon 101 doors open @ 7:30, and the presentation starts PROMPTLY at 8:00 pm.  Space is limited, so please arrive early. Don’t be late please, it’s disruptive.
What happens at Dungeon 101?
-A short and light-hearted discussion on BDSM etiquette, playspace rules, and negotiation.

-An exploratorium is set up to let you ask questions, watch or even try things like spanking, bondage etc. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TRY ANYTHING. The purpose of the exploratorium is for you to get the chance to learn more about yourself and BDSM in a non threatening environment.

-Open play after the exploatorium is finished at roughly 11pm. If you see someone you would like to play with, now is the time to politely ask them. Or watch some of the regulars and presenters play.
Dungeon 101 sounds great, but I can’t make it the day after I attend Gateway!

While Gateway and Dungeon 101 are designed to complement each other, you do not have to attend them the same week or in any particular order! The coupons given out at Gateway are good for two months, so if you can’t attend both the same month, you can hold onto it.

How do I buy tickets?

Admission to Dungeon 101 is at the door. No advance tickets are available or required. The Crucible uses a Square point-of-sale system and accepts all major credit/debit cards, Google/Apple Pay, and cash.

What do I bring?

Bring a government-issued photo ID and an open mind!

What do I wear?

The Crucible does not have a dress code. We ask that you be street-legal outside, but inside you can wear whatever makes you feel good! At a typical Dungeon 101 you’ll see people in everything from jeans & t-shirts to formal office attire to full fetishwear.

If you’re planning on wearing high heels, we recommend bringing a pair of flats as back-up. While all demos can be done with your clothes on, if you’re wearing something complicated to get in or out of, we recommend a comfy change of clothes for the trip home, especially if you got undressed to play!

I have more questions!

Check out our FAQ! If your question isn’t answered there, you can contact us. We generally try to respond to messages within 24 hours, but we are entirely-volunteer run so sometimes it may take longer.

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